Reporter claims takeover talks ongoing with Manchester United bidders

It sounds like there has been some movement in the potential sale of Manchester United, with Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani and Sheikh Jassim receiving feedback on their bids.

Sheikh Jassim and Sir Jim Ratcliffe both met the April deadline for the third round of bidding, but there has not been many updates since then.

In fact, it was understood that both bidders were kept in the dark about a takeover, until now…

Jamie Jackson of The Guardian has some news for us tonight, and it suggests that there’s been some movement from Raine Group and the Glazers.

Jackson claims talks are going on in the background with Sheikh Jassim and Sir Jim Ratcliffe – separately – regarding the potential sale of Manchester United.

United fans will be waiting impatiently for further updates, but this whisper suggests we could hear something some solid in the coming days.

We can’t say it’s the update we wanted because there’s still nothing definite about the potential sale or how long it will take to complete.

The least Erik ten Hag deserves is some clarity around the ownership and how much he will have to spend in the transfer market.

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  1. It’s about time the glazers packed there belogings and and leave the club for good

  2. Sir Jim could tender for glazer b shares at $32 with commitment to buy not less than 100m shares
    Then tender for up to 50m class b shares at same 32 US dollars
    Voting control then goes to Sir Jim
    Minority shareholders get cash out opportunity, Glazers participate in growth
    BETTER: QAtari cashes out all shares at 35 US

  3. The Glazer family need to sell for development of the club and now the transfer window is fast approaching

  4. I’m sure I speak for all United supporters we don’t want the Glazers to have a single voting right moving the club forward don’t know what Sir Jim is thinking of offering them a way to stay in . You can be sure, they will have their lawyers looking for a legal loophole so they don’t have to sell their remaining shares when the time comes to sell, our best way forward is without doubt th Qatari offer,it wipes the debt, and invests millions as a whole in the club and community a no brainier.

    1. I really support your point let them sell 100% of the club. supporters let’s unite otherwise will suffer next season

  5. Honestly the Glazers need to do the needful. And that is selling this club to someone who will wipe off our debts and make us great again. This is why City are where they are. They have no debt, they don’t even generate more money than United, yet United are the ones suffering for it on the pitch due to poor recruitment of players and bad administration under then Vice Chairman Ed Woodward.

  6. please give this club to the Qatar Manchester United deserved to be ruled by the Qatar look at Manchester City and Newcastle PSG this team they are all doing fine not their Americans then they are just after money so give jassim.

  7. The Qataris offer more than anything Man Utd needs at moment so a 100% Qatari takeover is the only way

  8. I going for Qatari, Manchester United deserve a good owner to compete with others to bring our glory days back.
    GloryGlory Manchester United 🔴🔴🔴😈🇬🇭

  9. As a staunch supporter of Manchester United i pray for the Qatar (Jassim) to take over. Let the Glazers pack and go.

  10. The Qatari bid is clearly the most attractive for Utd fans, particularly as the blood-sucking Glazers will be gone for good. But am I alone in thinking that the arabs are taking
    over sport? Why can’t we row back and put all English clubs
    back into the hands of the fans? The way it is developing, unless you have an Arab sugar daddy, or an murdering Russian or some insane entrepreneur you won’t compete anymore and this has to be wrong, surely?

  11. The Glazers need to listen to the majority of fan’s voices. We do not want them. Nor do we want “sir Jim”. If he really loves the club as he claims, he should pull out and let the Sheikh win the deal. How can we make them hear our voices?

  12. The Arabs are taking most big club’s in England next will be Banking and other corporations, for the case of manunited cant Fans worldwide come together with those Billionaires and buy off those shares, not 0nly one individual in da name of sheikh, i stand to corrected.

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